July 8th, 2000


partying like i have a headache

i went to that house party. not very many people showed up so everyone decide to go to club fx. i was there for a little while, but then decided to go home because i don't want to stay up late. i also have a headache so i needed to take some pills. now at home and relaxing.
current music: k&d sessions

samba and another friend joins livejournal

played with samba a little bit. it still isn't working. arg.
another old skool issaquah kid has joined livejournal! reggie has joined us in our sad attempts to make people care about what we do. so everyone welcome him and such.

i'm going to go to bed soon. just talking to reg a little bit, and then it will be sleepy time.


been awake for a while. was reading livejournal, then tim started playing diablo 2. took a shower now i need to run over to my sister's house and take care of the cats. anyone doing anything today? want to hang out with me?

(no subject)

so i'm over at my sister's house now. i gave the cat his meds. the process entales me putting this gel into his eyes. it really sucks, but the cat has to get better and you've got to do what you've got to do. so now i'm thinking food sounds really nice. maybe i'll run over to wendy's for lunch. going to come back here and read 'fight club' and at around 4:30, i need to contact ali. i want to hang out with her, but not alone. who is free and would like to hang with us? if you need a ride, that can be provided