July 4th, 2000


hung out with ali

ali came over. we talked about us. i feel better about it now. i think i still need more space, though. but anyway, we went over to tower records and i bought the fight club book. then we came back to my place and watched a movie. hrm... i was feeling tired, but now i'm not feeling tired at all. blah. it must have been that nap i took earlier.

he has risen!

i have waken up now. going to get ready for the day. do i have plans? no. do i ever have plans on the 4th of july? i know i try a lot, but many a time they don't happen. allison wants to hang out, but i'm not so sure i want too.
i need to get dressed and find something to eat i think..

plans for tonight

did a bunch of yard work. now i'm headed for Seattle to meet up with erin and christine. i guess we are going to watch 'groove' then maybe watch fireworks after that. i'm not really sure.