June 29th, 2000



home from hanging with erin and christine. it ended up that we hung out with scott as well. fun. thanks everybody. i think it's bed time now.

small update, and a dream

this morning, tim woke me up at about 9 so that i could drive him to meet his carpool to work. so i did that then came back home and went back to bed. i slept until about 11:30 and got up and got ready for work. i got here about 12:30. i have a meeting at 1. i haven't eaten anything yet, so i'm hopeing that the meeting won't be too long so that i can go out and get some food after it.

i had a very strange dream last night. it's also strange that i still remember it. so, since i still remember it, i might as well write it down. it starts with me going to some place that is similiar to the pacific science center, but it isn't. there are a bunch of buildings there and each one is labeled a subject at school. there is one that is labeled english, and one is P.E. and one is science, and there is one that is math. there are other buildings too, not just these 4. but i decide that the math building would be cool, so i go into that one.

the inside of the building is a couple spherical rooms that are overlaping. the rooms are dark, and there is dots of light on the walls. they aren't random though, it's more like the make up lines and curves along the wall. people are standing around following the dots with their eyes. i start to walk around and then go into the next room over. this one has more dots, but there is lines connecting them now. also, in the middle of the room, there is a laser cannon. someone is shooting the walls along the lines and making the walls glow more. i walk up to this person and say hi. the person gets up and is a girl. she is no one i know.

she grabs my hands and takes me out of the building and to a car. we get in and she starts to drive. as we go down the road, there is a car on fire and laying on its side. there is a guy standing next to it with a flame thrower. we drive around that person and there is another car on fire a little bit further down the street. this one is standing normal, and there is some people laying on the ground. then some guy walks up to them and pulls out a machine gun. he starts shooting everyone that is laying down. we drive around this person with the gun and keep going down the road.

after that, the rest of the dream is us just going down the road. there is trees and open country. that's in. then i wake up.

sorry if this seems long, i just had to write it down. it was bugging me.

lunch time

got back from the meeting. my payslip was at my desk. $730.49 on this paycheck. i love it. this is much needed money, due to the car and stuff. thinking that now would be a good time to run over to that deli across the street. i think everyone else has already eaten so i guess i have to go alone. :(

anyone have any plans tonight that you would like to include me in on? i'll be good. :)

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got a sandwich, chips and a dr pepper for lunch. feeling better now. not so hungry now. going to find something to do once i finish eating.

current music: blumchen

diablo 2

since diablo II is out now, i have to get some thought to maybe buying it. hrm... maybe maybe maybe.

anyone play it yet?


arg. i got home and found that my computer was rebooted. makes me cross.
i stopped by toys r us and was looking around and ended up buying two playstation games. legend of the dragoon and silent hill. yay games. now i will play those games unless someone wants to hang out with me.

played games for a little bit

played both of the new games for a little bit. i like them both. legend of the dragoon seems like it will be a great rpg and silent hill is cool like dino crisis and resident evil are cool. intense games were there is a lot of exploring and fighting out of corners. oh i love it. so now i'm going to take a break. i may come back to it later tonight.

i need to go get gas for tim's car. hrm...