June 27th, 2000


ip masq

danny rocks my world. he helped me get that last step to get ip masq working. mark: you computer is now on the internet. :) next step, samba


well, downloading a program that will help with setting up samba. also, downloading a more up-to-date version of samba. maybe with these two things, i will be better off. will go to bed soon.


I'm at work now. i took my dad to get a rental car earlier. also, erin stopped by to get her make up that she left in the van. i gave her the cd i bought over on ebay. but of course, i burned a copy for myself last night, so i'm giving that a listen to right now. blumchen is cool. so anyway, after work i promised ali i would hang out with her. i don't know what plans we have, but i hope it doesn't get akward. that would be a bad thing. i don't know if i'm ready to hang out with ali yet. i guess we shall see.

money coming from the car accident

i just talked to the insurance people about my accident. they are sending me a $500 check. yay! also, there still is the car replacement money that will be coming. so i guess i'm going to use all that money to buy a new car. happy happy.

(no subject)

All right. Let's move out!
Me too, Sarge?
Yes, you too Plumber.
And me Sarge?
Yes, Verez, everybody. Let's go!
Uhh.. and me Sarge? Me too?
Everyone in the whole platoon. We're moving on!
Umm.. you didn't mean me as well, did you Sarge?
Yes, I did Johnson. We're all going.
You going too Sarge?
Yes. I'm going too. Every one of us are.
All eleven of us, Sarge?
All eleven. Each, and every soldier.
I--uh... I guess that means me and Lefty, too. Huh, Sarge?
Yes. Yes it does.
*Harrell rasies his hand*
You too Harrell. All of us are going, so let's move!
Where'd Sarge go?
Guess we'd better wait for him.

phone accessories.

i just got the belt clip and battery i ordered for my phone. yay! i think i order so much stuff (dvds, cds, phone accessories, etc.) just because i love getting mail. i love getting a package in the mail. even i 'm paying for this stuff, and i spend a lot of money, it's so much fun to get things.

back from hanging with ali

well, i'm back from hanging with ali. i had fun.
we went to black angus for dinner, then went to see 'chicken run' which was very funny. i liked it a whole lot. we talked a lot, about things that needed to get talked about. then she dropped me off and now i'm home.

i'm posting this from tim's computer. tim is in my room, play video games on mark's computer. that is right next to the linux box, so i am remotely working on it. i'm going to set up diald so that the ip masq is working without human interaction. but i have to recompile the kernel to include SLIP, so this will also be a test to see if i set up the boot scripts right so that when the linux box reboots, it is already set up. cross your fingers. :)