June 26th, 2000


back from airport, now movie, maybe?

back from the airport. picked up my dad and Tim. my mom gets back on Tuesday. that's nice. i don't need to see her. so now, i don't have any plans. i may watch a dvd. Brazil sounds nice, or maybe one that i've rented. or there still is two or three others that i own but haven't watched yet. i'll have to check.


well, instead of sleep, i played grand thief auto 2 on Skippy (marks pewter). i like the killing. oh, that's scary. so anyway, i think sleep is now a good idea.

yay. lj back up!

i woke up about 9. slacked a little, but left for work about 10:15. got here about 10:30. have been doing standard boring work stuff since i got here. but i did go to lunch with some guys. that was nice. well, now back to work.

current music: truman show soundtrack

exit stage right

well, i'm just about out of here. time to go home. yay! today was boring and repetitive. tomorrow, i'll find something more exciting to do.
my exit music from work? orbital - the box (part 1 and 2)

in windows

i've booted into windows to play net games with tim. i kicked his ass. hehe. i play games too much. the nice thing about being in windows is that the network works without fuss. networking windows to windows is very easy. i haven't gotten anything working in linux except dhcp. can't seem to get samba to work. can't seem to get ip masq to work. hrm.. going to stay in win for a little bit to listen to mp3s