June 21st, 2000



double checking some of my online purchases.
that ram i ordered should arrive on Friday. :)
the psx game i ordered is not shipped yet. :(
i have three dvds currently pending. either because of recent ordering or pre-ordering.
just trying to do things to keep my mind busy.

current music: tosca - suzuki


I'm up now. standard morning stuff.
i got a phone call from the insurance company for the people that hit me. the said that they valued the car at $848.78. that's how much they will pay if they get to take the car. so i might just take that and try and get another car. blah.

time for work.

oh man. look at this amazing amount of slack (HAIL BOB!). it's 11:20 and I still haven't left for work. bad me. bad bad me. so i have to go now.

(no subject)

chillin at work. going to run over to the data center again today. fun fun fun. maybe i'll stop by that little restaurant across the street and get something to eat as well. sounds like fun.

some work stuff

went to the data center. found some computers, wandered around, couldn't find other computers. blah! then i got some food. blah again! right now i have a headache
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