June 19th, 2000


dinner and a movie then a little ip-masquerading

had dinner with Campbells and boslands. got to see reggie, which was cool. hung out and such. after eating, everyone decided to watch 'being john malkovich'. that movie rocks, so it was alright by me. after that, everyone went home and i went over to ali's. we talked and stuff. now i'm back home and working on setting up this crazy network i want. the computers and ping each other, and i'm trying to set up ip-masquerade, then samba. if i can do that, then i will be very happy. after that, all that's left would be setting up x2vnc and then i would have the supercool system i always dreamed of. fun fun fun. all i had to do was just sit down and read a little. learning a lot.

look at that time!

well, i got dhcp sort of working, i haven't gotten ip-masq working yet. there is just so much stuff to set up. i should write up a check list so that i can keep focused. well, i should go to bed soon. i have to work tomorrow. blah


i've gotten to work. my dad drove me. i stayed up way too late last night. blah. so now, i'm setting in for another day at work.


went to lunch with some people here at work. we went to red robin, but the wait was 45 minutes. so we tried to sit at the bar. but i got carded. we left and went to las margarities. it was ok. but a free lunch is always something i'm for. now, i'm getting back to work. wonder how i'm getting home tonight.


in a lame attempted to be cool, i have been messing with litestep for my nt box for the past hour or so. it's cool, and yet it's a really pain in the ass. i'm having problems loading themes, and have been fiddling with config files and graphics. it's better then win explorer, but not as good as any window manager in x window.
current music: massive attack

broken mice

my mouse on my windows machine just stopped responding. i wasn't doing anything wierd either. just started to move it and it starts getting choppy. i keep trying to move it and it just stops. no response at all. fuck, what happened? damn it. having a mouse is really nice in windows.

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home from work. the traffic sucked on the way up there, so it took a long time for my dad to get to my work. but now i'm here and i don't have any plans.

i broke windows today :)

i played some games with tim. then i decided that since i was in windows, i would do the partition magic thing and add some hard drive space. it messed up lilo, so i used a linux boot disk i had and fixed that. then when i tried to go back into windows, partition magic thinks it's not done changing the partitions. so it goes into it's partition altering mode, and then gets an error and reboots. but i can't seem to get pass that so i can't boot windows. that's annoying, but not a big deal right now. i may have to reinstall windows to fix it, but i don't want to do that right now. that will mess up other things and i dont want to deal with that right now. so. now i be hanging.