June 18th, 2000


linux question

i need to increase the hard drive space on my linux partition, as well as my swap partition. does anyone have a good way to do this? i have partition magic 4, and could use that, but i don't know if switching around hard drive space messes up things. is there files i need to change, or anything like that? any advise would be nice, so that i don't fuck up my hard drive.

overview of the upcoming day

got up. i have to finish the cleaning that i started yesterday. blah. oh well. later today, i'm seeing some concert that Tim is in. another book reading opportunity? you bet. after that, i guess the Campbells (old friends) will be coming over for dinner. i hope reg comes. haven't seen him in forever. it would be super cool to hang with him. but anyway, i can't talk much more, i've gots cleaning to do and me mom is getting mad.

(no subject)

back from tim's concert. it was alright. got to read some more. that was nice. i guess now we wait for the campbells and the boslands to come over.