June 15th, 2000


how do you want to get to work today?

i'm up and awake. ali said she would take me to work today. yay! she is super cool. also, erin said that she might be able to pick me up after work. yay! she is super cool, too. going to eat some breakfast, and then head north.

in the beginning was the command line

I just finished reading neil stephenson's essay : in the beginning was the command line.
it was very interesting and entertaining. i had been spending a little bit each day for the past week reading it.
has anyone else out there read it, and if so what were your thoughts. i'm interested in hearing them.

I loved the car dealership part, and the info on BeOS was interesting because i don't know anything about it. but anyway, it was quite a good essay and i recommend it. you can find it at the cryptonomicon webpage.


this is what working in an office building is all about. i was walking over to the printer to get something, and i see a group of guys in their cubes, playing red alert.
that's what i'm talking about. maybe one of these days we will do something besides nerf ball wars and play a real game. :)
in fact, we will play something better then red alert. i think the only option would be q3a
related quote:
'this game would be a lot more fun if I had any desire at all to see you naked.'

can't stay here

home from work now. erin and her mom picked me up from work. thanks for that guys. :)
ok. i will not be able to stand staying home for another nite. i really need to get out of here. i may be able to borrow my parent's van if i can figure out what to do. they don't trust me driving any of there cars right now. well, my dad does, but my mom is talking crazy talk. arr. makes me mad.