June 14th, 2000



Ali came over, and we went for coffee. we came back and watched dogma. after watching it a second time, i like it more. it's actually a better movie then i remember. Kevin Smith rocks.
current music: Tosca - Suzuki

video games.

i'm ready for bed, but i don't really want to sleep. we do i resist it?
i'm thinking of playing a video game. i'm got Mark's very nice computer here, maybe i should play something on that. or i could play xenogears on the psx. hrm....
i think xenogears is the game for right now. i'll give it a go for a little bit, and then it will be bed time.

(no subject)

took a shower. getting ready. i have like 4 eminem songs stuck in my head. i like the songs, but this is annoying. arg. must find other music.

lunch, picture for id soon

got to work around 11. this is early enough where i got to go have lunch with the guys. yay! now i'm back. at about 12:45, i'm going to start heading over to bothell 1 (which is about a half a mile away) to get my photo taken. i should call first to make sure everything is ok. last time i was going to get my picture taken, i called before hand and found out the camara was broken.

got id badge, car rant

got my id picture. it's ugly. so it goes. i walked over to the place. the walk was really nice. relaxing.
i really really want a car. when living in issaquah, and working in bothell, one must have a car. it's frusturating and makes me mad to think about all this trouble i have to go through just to get to and from work ever day this week. it makes me not want to go.

almost out of here

talking to erin for a little bit. my mommy is coming to pick me up from work. in other news: i would like to do something tonight, but am unsure what. anyone doing anything?


at home. looks like i may go hang with erin a little later. we shall see. for now, i think i'm going to make a pizza and watch one of the new dvds. like i said last night, anyone that wants to come over can. i just be chillin'. the only requirement is that you have to be able to get here yourself. :P

chasing amy

done watching chasing amy. there is lots of goodies on that dvd, so it took longer then i though it would. well, it's not like there was a hold lot of demand for me. but i guess ali is coming over now. unsure as to what we are going to do, though. hrm...