June 12th, 2000



went and had food with ryan, danny, and carley. then hung out with them plus kim and ali. we went and saw the movie 'gone in 60 seconds'. it was pretty cool. me and ali came back to my house. i watched 'man on the moon'. now, going to play with the spellchecker and the new version of loserjabber.

got to work

i got up this morning. got ready, and ali took me to work. thanks ali. now i need to figure out the bus routes to get home. i know that i can get home but i think i need to take three or four buses to get there. i hope it doesn't take too long.

bus routes for work

well, i think i've figured out the bus routes to get home. i wonder how long they will take. i wish i brought my book with me today.
so here is the list of buses i need to take and the i need to get off on:
710 - bothell park and ride
535 - belllevue transit center
272 - eastgate park & ride
215 - home

blah. that will be a long bus ride i bet
also, i am going to have to get to work earlier, and leave earlier. some buses seem to stop service at 7.

my grades

i just checked my grades. i'm only going to say that i did bad. if you need me, i'm going to snuff it

oh man, i feel like shit.

going home

well, it's time to go home. I'm hopefully going to be able to take the buses home without a lot of problems. well, wish me luck.

(no subject)

think I'm going to watch a movie or something. unsure as to what. in any case, i need to get off line so my dad can do some banking or something.