June 9th, 2000


an update on that cd list.

well, after much taking people's votes and looking that cd list i've come up with the three cds i'm going to order. thanks to everyone that gave their input. the winners are as follows:
Portishead - Dummy
James - Whiplash
Radiohead - The Bends
portishead and radiohead were ovious choices here, but james was one that came down to the very last person that i asked. those others i will put on hold. this was fun. i'd like to do it again sometime.
current music: pwei

final, got my car

took the final. it sucked. then went to lunch with mark and the rents. then went to get my car. it still runs! in fact, i think we could fix it. yay! so now we wait for ali to get here. then it's time to go to the concert. yay! nin! wooo!