June 7th, 2000


status on the cleaning room job

i just emptied out my closet. this is like walking down memory lane. and then throwing it away. there is so much shit in this room. it's amazing it even fits in here. you can't see the floor right now, but it's all in piles of different type of things. some things just need to be thrown away. old toys, papers, school bags, broken lamps. if you look at it, you'd think i was an obsessive complusive person. so much crap. hrm... it will be nice once all this stuff is organized. i'm glad i'm doing it, but i never get in the mood to clean when the time is right. oh well, back to cleaning.
current music: K&D - conversions

still cleaning

well, i'm still cleaning. the room looks a lot better. if i had i digital camara, i would take pictures, but i don't so oh well. my closet is clean, desk is clear, cds are organized, floor is clear. i still have to deal with my clothes, and some random spots on the floor. it's really nice. i have thrown away so much crap, i don't even believe it.. ahh
well back to work.
current music: david bowie - hours...

a cleaner room is a happy room

ok. i'm pretty much done with cleaning my room. i need to do laundry, put away the clothes, vaccum, and a couple other little things. but pretty much done. yay! it's nice to have a cleaner room. i think any one that has seen it would be impressed.
too bad i haven't really studied at all, though. so it goes.

woke up

i'm awake. going to take a shower. sort of tired. will feel much worst later. i just know it.
i checked my email i second ago a guess what i got in there. the letter that said that fight club has been mailed. yay! one of my favorite types of email. :)

cs final

i finished the cs final. blah. i did alright, but i completely blanked on a question about classes. arg. glad i'm taking it anymore. i don't like having to write programs on paper for tests. so anyway, my next final is on friday. of course, i don't have the excuse that i can't study because my room is messy this time. oh well. math is important.
so I'm getting closer to having the list of cds i'm getting. if you haven't said anything about it, please do. the thread is here. the current winners are radiohead, portishead, and bowie. all opinions are welcome.
sort of hungry, thinking about food.
current music: kruder and dorfmeister - g-sound. the cd may be short, but the music is still groovy. yea.

going to leave soon

erin just stopped by. she was her for about 10 minutes and then left for work. it was sort of wierd. but cool too. so i'm going to leave soon, i guess. i would like food, so that will be my objective. then it's time for work.

ain't nothing but the dog in me!

I just took another quiz. this one is better then the sex ones, though. So carley, you will like this one more. What Breed of Dog Are You?. so anyway. here is my results.

You are most like a PUG. You are a lot of dog wrapped in a small package. Your witty humor and undeniable charm puts you at the top of everyone's list. You are blessed with both intelligence and an infectious personality. You are a happy breed who has perfect manners, yet still has a playful and mischievous side. You are admired and respected by all who know you.

great. i'm an ugly dog.

packing up and getting ready to go

i'm going to go home now. work was sort of blah today. but i did get some of the console stuff done. that's good. since there isn't any school tomorrow, i can stay up late (like i don't any way, ha!). me and ali are hanging out i guess. we will see what happens. maybe a movie. i'll keep ya posted.