June 6th, 2000


why the lack of desire?

i can't sleep cause my bed's on fire. don't touch me i'm a real live wire. but i can't seem to get the energy to do school work. come on pat. get your shit together. anyone have any ideas on me getting underway on this studying? arg!


talking with friends online. also, looking cool shit on ebay. there is some fucking cool twin peaks stuff out there. all i can say is wow.

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i am thinking about bed. but first i would have to go to the bathroom. sounds good to me.
current music: blumchen: ich bin wieder hier (so catchy)


i just woke up. i'm really confused because my alarm was set and turned on. but it wasn't ringing. i don't remember ever getting up to turn it off, or even hitting the snooze. oh so confused. yea, so i missed my last offical days of class. now al that's left id finals. i hope i wake up for those.

*singing* "on broadway"

at work. went to seattle with erin. she looked into get a clear bar for her hole in her head. but the person to do it wasn't there. i guess she is going to go another day. we got some coffee, and we went to our respective places of business.
my current music is a much under appriciated band by me. tool: undertow
it's oh so very good.

need help picking what cds to buy. please comment.

I am picking three cds to buy from this list. any suggestions on narrowing it down would be much appreaticated:

1. Phish - A Pictuer of Nectar
2. Magnolia soundtrack
3. Lamb - Fear of fours
4. Portishead - Dummy
5. Nightmares on wax - Carbool soul
6. Unkle - Psyence fiction
7. James - Whiplash
8. DJ Spooky - riddim warfare
9. Boards of canada - music has the right to children
10. Belle & Sebastian - Tigermilk
11. Radiohead - The Bends
12. Filter - title of record
13. Einstürzende Neubauten - Strategies Against Architecture
14. Kraftwerk - The Mix
15. David Bowie - The Deram Anthology

please tell me what you think.


going over that list of cds. also, working on the html on my homepage. figuring out the embedding process, making a style for that page. when i'm done, i'll let everyone know so you guys can talk a look. and tell me what you think.
current music: k&d sessions

ender is down

ender must be down because i can't connect to it. arg. so i'm not able to check my email. :( I wonder what mike is doing.
I downloaded loserjabber 1.6 off of CVS. silly evan, and his crazy version numbers. :)
ok. i wanted to get pyren. i should do that now while i'm thinking about it.
after that, i'm going shopping. i should go soon so the stores don't close.


installed python. got pyren. i like evan. cool. now all of out mp3s can have super sexy filenames. :)
ok. without further ado, i'm going out. hope ender's back up when i return. *crosses fingers*

new cds

went to the cd store. bought 4 cds.
eminem - marshall mathers lp
underworld - pearl's girl
kruder & dorfmeister - conversions
a perfect circle
listening to eminem now. this is a good album. yea.

cleaning my room.

i've decided to clean my room. it's relaxing my mind, and it would be nice to be in a clean room. i should do the laundry too.
current music: still slim shady. yea. this album rules.