June 5th, 2000


went to school

i went to school. classes were ok. it's pretty much review now. i found out the dates for my finals. cs is on weds @ 9:30 and math is on fri @9:30. the only trick will be getting up and getting there ontime. i can do it. i know i can. tonight, i have to work on my cs homework. no going out tonight. :(
it's for the best, though. grades and school and all.
i'm going to get some food and go to work soon.

gnutella virus

leaving for work now. i read the news in slashdot about that gnutella virus, and so out of curiousity, i downloaded it. it's fairly interesting. i didn't ever get to look at any of email virii. yea, but anyway, i'll look at that later. now i have to go.

arrived at work

i'm at the old place o' business now. updated my copy of loserjabber at work. the editing subjects is neat, evan. wr0d.

now time to work on something.

sex test

I found this sex test linked from someone elses lj. here is my score:

Congrats! In your life, you'll have sex with
10 people!
Including the 1 you've already had sex with,
that makes 9 new lovers!
The info on your 9 future sex partner(s):
9 of them will be female
0 of them will be male
And you will actually love 1 of them!
Also, many men actually find you attractive.

so there you go.

(no subject)

odd. i just posted something with loserjabber, and it never showed up. hrm....
yea, but anyway, i'm going home now.

I posted that missing post to test. that's what i get for playing around with it, right?
well anyway, here it is:

well, i guess it's getting close to time to pack up my things and go home for th
e night. and while i'm there, i'll get to spend lots of time working on my cs!
yay! more on that story later.

in other news, the current music i'm listening to is:
orbital - middle of nowhere

man on the moon

got home from work. went i got here, family was eating dinner. and i had a package in the mail. the package hold within it: man on the moon dvd!
yay! so after dinner, i spent a while watching the easter eggs on that dvd. there is a lot too. yay! super cool! now, i need to do some studying, or cs homework. let's see if i can summon up the will power to do it.

over at erin's

i'm over at erin's right now. her computer problem was that she left a disk in the disk drive. *shrug*
we are going to eat spagetti, and then i will most likely go home and keep on with the crazy crazy cs. blah.

back from erin's

i stayed at erin's for longer then i expected. it's cool, though because erin rocks. i had lots of fun. now it's time to work on the cs stuff
current music: talking heads