June 4th, 2000



i just took ali home. there is issues with our relationship, and i think both of us know it. but neither of us want to face it. i'm unsure what to do.
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current music: nin - halo 14 (this is the perfect album. bottom line)


finished listening to halo 14. moved onto massive attack. i'm no longer anger, time and nin help that. now i'm just really bored. i wish i partied more. then at least, i would be doing something besides looking at boring porn. blah... maybe i just read for a while.

this post took 30 minutes to post

i've gotting up and taken a shower. ali called me and apolized. that was nice. unsure what i am going to do today.
just checked my email. nothing gets me up like livejournal comments. :)
also, maybe erik will go to the nin show in portland with me. we shall see.
hrm... i've been putting off this post for the last half an hour. silly me.

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went out and got food, then hung out with ali until she had to leave for work. came back to my house, have been reading cryptonomicon.
it is very hot today. i wish i knew were my shorts were. today is not a pants day.

ripping more cds

i've put the book down, and started ripping one of my pwei cds. i always want to listen to it, so might as well. "kick to kill, kick to kill, kick ta kill ya!"

car accident, other stuff

i went and hung out with erin. we decided to go to seattle. we went down and were driving up to the issaquah park and ride, and there was a truck that ran the red light, and then went across the rode and crashed into the ditch. we pulled over, and were checking to see if the lady inside was ok. she was all pale and sweaty, and keep changing gears. we assumed she was drunk or something. we called the cops, and waited. danny saw us and stopped to see what happened. a cop showed up and started looking into what happened. then another cop, two abulences and a firetruck came. highly exciting. :)

so anyway, the cop took me and erin's statements, and they took the lady out. it turns out that she wasn't drunk, but instead she was diabetic. she had a dangerously low blood sugar, and was most likely delirious. the cops said we could leave, so we did.

me and erin went to broadway, and wondered around for a while. we went to the bathroom, and i had another interesting experince. the guys bathroom was really crowded, and there was this guy taking a shower in the sink. splashing himself with water, then using the soap dispenser to clean himself. very strange situation.

after that, we wandered some more, and we bumped into erin's sister. she gave us a ride back to my car, and we went back to erin's house.

we watched the simpsons, and part of mallrats, which was on tv. the censoring of mallrats was really bad, and if you had never seen it before, you may not understand what was going on. also, because there is so much swearing, the dubed in censored lines. the voices that they used didn't sound like the orginal actors at all. it was neat to see the movie, but i didn't like that censoring at all. oh well. so then i came home, because erin hadn't slept yet. hopefully, she went to bed after i left.

i got home, hopeing to either, A) watch a movie, or b) go online.
my mom is sleeping in the tv room. that keeps me from watching a movie. my dad is online. i've had to wait for a long time before he gets offline. that gave me time to write this whole thing, but i really want to get online. stupid parents. always bringing me down. now i wait until i can get online.

to kill time while my dad dinks around online, i was playing snake on my cell phone. new high score. yay! it's at 810 now. i'll beat 1000 soon. :)
yay, my dad is off online. only had to wait an hour.