June 3rd, 2000


talking of times past

back from j&s. we drank and talked and laughed. after a couple hours, we decided against going to club fx, and instead came back to my house. chilling to grooven music (nightmares on wax), talking of times past, and doing laundry. will be going to bed soon.

nine inch nails in portland

is anyone going or want to go to the portland nin show on june 10th? i wanted to, but it seemed like a lot of driving, so i didn't buy tickets. but then the chance popped up and i may be able to get tickets for cheaper. now i am interested

dinner, and a new dvd!

we took all of mark's stuff to my house, and then took him back to his dorm. hung for a while, then me ali and tim walked around the u district for a little bit. i bought a used KLF record for 50 cents. we then went to bellevue and i got a copy of my car key. we went to crossroads and got food, and i bought another dvd. grelins for $12.49 at half price books. wr0d.
now me and ali are hanging. may watch a movie, or something.


I just watched hard-boiled. that movie fucking rules. wow. john woo is the man, as is chow yon fat. i started watching it, and both ali and tim left shortly after it started. i guess they don't share my love of movies. oh well, what cha going ta do?

going to take ali home soon. and then, who knows what.