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my results from that sex test evan posted.
here is the test for those that missed it earlier.

The results of the test suggest that you are very open-minded when it comes to sexuality. You seem to welcome new experiences within the realm of sex and even if you aren't comfortable with a particular ingredient of sex, you are very nonjudgmental of those who indulge themselves. You are not threatened by the diverse sexual tastes that make this world go round. In fact, you seem to be willing to tolerate sexual behavior that colors outside of the lines of 'normalcy,' as long as both partners are into it. Keep up the healthy attitude!

According to the test results, you have experimented sexually, but you haven't chosen every option from the great palette of sex. You do have a creative nature, which keeps your sexual liaisons satisfactorily spicy, but you aren't the wildest love maker on the planet. You seem to have discovered what pleases you, and plan to stick with it! As long as you are sexually fulfilled, keep it up!

According to the Sexual Daredevil Index, you are capable of walking on the wild side when the mood strikes. You do have a taste for the sexually daring and stirring your passions to dizzying heights can be fun and healthy between mutually consenting adults.

According to this assessment, there are things that would turn you on, but for whatever reason, you don't indulge yourself.

If this is because your partner has made it clear that s/he doesn't want to go there, then don't push it. Instead, design a smooth plan composed of engaging non-threatening small steps that will be appealing to both of you. Gradually, you can help your partner embark on a journey of exploration that s/he would not dare to take on her/his own.


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