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“I am ___ and it is been a fucking amazing weekend. I've, have been having so much fun, this is great. I went to all 3 days and saw so many great bands and then we were camping next to the venue and now we've been drinking and just partying with other campers that are next to us and it's been so much fun. I'm really drunk now and I still have another beer we've been trying to help them clear out their beer cos there's some Canadians that we were next to and apparently they have to pay for the any beer that they bring back they have to pay the what's they call the I can't think what it's called but when you go across the boarder you have to declare that sort of shit. So the less beer they have the less they have to declare and they were just going to abandon it if they don't drink it tonight. So it's a noble cause to get drunk with them tonight and tomorrow morning we have to get up and leave the camp ground and try to make it home. So it should be a fun adventure then too. I will make a detailed post when I get home I'm sure and but I just wanted to let you know that I'm having a good time.”

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