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How much do I love following Woot? I've only bought a couple of cheap things from them so far, but the website is hilarious. I'm currently following their wootdotcom blog and I've been listening to their podcast. The writers are mostly brilliant maybe half of the time, but with fun deals on crap I might want, I think it's worth following.

I am completely addicted to podcasts, and have been for the last year or two. I've mentioned this a couple times, but my personal enjoyment of them can not be understated. I've been sampling some new ones, but it's hard to cycle through new ones when I'm already dancing with around 35 different podcasts. Some of them are daily and some of them only pop up every month or two, so it's not completely unmanageable. It's kinda like reading livejournals, but with more 'official' sources like NPR and a lot of music like KEXP. Granted, I have never been big on listening to podcasts on my computer, but listening while biking or working makes both activities definitely more fun. Since I bet I have a much larger podcast diet than almost all of you reading these words, I really feel like I should profile some of these podcasts. Tonight, I was enchanted by Pseudopod.

The story tonight was not even their best, but the stories they publish are consistently entertaining and creepy. I'm hugely addicted to short story podcasts, where a single story is told in between 30 to 60 minutes.

If I were to recommend a particular story, I was really fond of this zombie story. Very much like World War Z (which I've read twice now!), but definitely a unique look at a zombie future. I also liked this this one about a man going crazy and this one about, um, cannibalism and child abuse. If you like horror, you will love the time you spend listening to these stories.
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