The Greatest Fucking Genius of All Time (patrick) wrote,
The Greatest Fucking Genius of All Time

A new computer

It's time for me to get a new computer. My old machine is seriously failing on me and it's about time that I had something modern. I've been researching, but I'm stuck on a couple things. First, should I go with Intel or AMD? Intel seems nice, but AMD would save me some money.

I've been looking at graphics cards and there is a lot of options for this as well. I'm thinking about spending about $200 on the graphics card, which would give me something like a GeForce 9600 GT. Once I pick these two parts, the rest of the computer can easily be built around them. But I don't know, maybe I can get away with something cheaper.

Or should I pick up the easy parts right away, like a case, hard drive and whatnot. What to do, what to do...

No wonder people buy premade machines. Planning all this is hard.
Tags: computers
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