The Greatest Fucking Genius of All Time (patrick) wrote,
The Greatest Fucking Genius of All Time

Birthday Plans, continued

Thanks to goldfischegirl's diligence, here is some official birthday plans.
On Friday, October 12th, we are meeting at the Tukwila Family Fun Center for laser tag and other silliness at around 6pm.

Once we get bored of that, we'll be coming back up to Seattle. I'm thinking of just roaming capitol hill and finding some sort of trouble, but am open to ideas for the later part of the night.

You are invited to join me at any such point.

As for the Thursday plans, I think I won't be able to do the bike ride because I'm having a dinner with my family. Those usually wrap up by 8 or 9, without transportation, I doubt I am going to be doing anything after that.
Tags: birthday plans
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