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More Biking

There was lots of biking today. I had to go to the alcohol counseling appointment today, so I biked there. It's 7 miles from my house to the office where that was. After finishing the appointment, I biked to the bellevue transit center and caught a bus up to kirkland, where my local homebrew store is located. All this talk of not drinking has really gotten me wanting to brew a new batch. Hopefully, the beer will be ready by the time I'm allowed to drink again.

From there, I decided to bike home. I went down into Redmond and rode the Sammammish River Trail for a little bit and then took Westlake Sammammish Parkway the rest of the way. Unfortunately, right around when I passed the 12 mile mark, my back tire caught a nail. The resulting flat made me walk home the rest of the way.

When I got home, my mom told me about how she saw a sale on some bike at Target. The bike was on sale for $40. My dad and I went over to check it out and sure enough, it was there. It's not that great of a bike, but for $40, it seems like a nice starting point. I didn't pay $400 like this guy and apparently you can mod the bike to be a fixed-gear. The bike needs some serious mods. The handlebars drop down way too low and the breaks are in a awkward place. It will take some biking to get used to. Meanwhile, I've got a flat to fix on the other bike.


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Sep. 23rd, 2007 12:04 am (UTC)
Thanks for linking to my photos.

It's fairly easy to raise the handlebars on that Triax. If you like, you can also "chop and flop" those bars to make them something like bullhorns. You pull the handlebars off, chop them using pipe cutters right after the curve, then reinstall them upside down (the "flop").
Sep. 23rd, 2007 10:23 am (UTC)
Oh cool! Yea, you've got some great photos. I'm adding you as a friend.

The bike has a lot of potential for fixing it up. I'll look into seeing what I can do to the handlebars there. Maybe I can recruit some of my bike nerd friends into helping me cut it up.
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