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One last Birthday post

Here is jarod’s happy birthday song.

Happy birthday to a friend
with gold on his beard and his hair
goes digging through the days to find some life
it takes one of us, two of him to find, to see

He always watches sunday football
he takes his family tree for a hike
he eats cheetos in the morning
gets dressed in the evening
and always takes time to touch the sky
he always takes time to blow through red lights

happy birthday to a friend
well I’ll be smiling down on you when your dead

He’s a pal
he’s got lots of good friends, whoa
or at least acquaintances with weed and beer
with lots of places to sit down and then
happy birthday friend

he goes to the monkey
gets a handbag for himself
puts it in the shelf
gets some ketchup
hose it on the fries
and la de da da da
“I think I smell weed
I’d better get down to the supermarket
so i can feed this feeling right now”

he takes two days to thing he loves
he takes one drink for his girl Sheila
he said “I should take her down to the mall
and if she complains I’ll tell her anyway
you can go sit in the car any day
I don’t need your voice around here.”

He’s a pal, he’s an acquaintance, he’s a good pal, a friend
He’s got lights on both castles and he’s not in my end
He’s not fit for camel smokes,
he’d better go home with no jokes
because only a girl can touch him there
“only a girl can touch me there”
yeah yeah yeah yeah

Happy birthday friend



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