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I've been really into Linux lately.

It was a hobby of mine a long time ago, back in like 98 or 99, but I lost interest in it around 2002, back when I lost interest in a lot of things. That's a topic for another night, though. If you maybe harass me about that later, I could talk about it in more detail here.

Anyways, I've inherited a computer from my dad's coworker. It belong to his wife but she bought a new machine, and it was gathering dust so I picked it up. Linux is awesome because this is the PERFECT box to get. All the software is fully tested, and documentation is pretty thorough. I highly recommend trying out Linux with a computer like this, because of those very reasons. Someone else has already gone through the stress and figured out how to make this computer work. It will still take a little bit of time, but learning how to host your own website from your cable modem is worth it.

I took that machine and built a server that's running in the front of the house network, servering a webpage, sitting there as a new toy on the internet for me to play with. I'm running gentoo, and after trying to install the OS two or three times, I got it figured out. But seriously, this is a lot of fun trying to figure out. I know I can make it work, it just takes a little bit of perfection and a little bit of thoroughness.

I had so much fun fucking with that computer, I scrapped my desktop and installedg gentoo linux on it. I've consolidated my music collection to a single harddrive (40 gigs) and managed to free up enough space to clear a 12 gig & 20 gig hard drive for me to play with as well. I've got it to the point of loading X and playing music. The hard parts have passed (getting it to boot, naming the box, getting all the hardware to work) and now it's just the fun 'customizing and discovering new software' parts are left. And we can't forget about trying to come up with ideas for new software and trying to learn to write code again.

The server's name is Scheme and the desktop is named Legacy. Scheme is named because I was scheming to install linux, it sounded cool when I said it, or markle got excited when I mentioned it in a previous post. Legacy is named to remember the legacy of this computer. It's been running windows for a long time! It used to be fast and was able to play games. The video card was once awesome and the sound card supports 5.1 surround! It can have a second life rocking like an awesome box once again!

This whole Linux thing has been keeping me busier than I would like to admit! *blush*


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Oct. 3rd, 2006 01:47 pm (UTC)
It makes me smile to see you so excited about stuff again! Three cheers for linux!
Oct. 3rd, 2006 07:25 pm (UTC)
hooray! I agree with this comment.
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