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The State on iTunes

If you are a fan of the state, and you have been waiting for these things to be released in some official form besides the skits and stickers vhs, the iTunes release is a happy sign of a possible future for the state on dvd. The biggest note about this release is that they redid the music to secure the release of this show, though.

Some skits suffer more than others. The Pants skit no longer has a breeders song in it, but instead has a similar sounding, yet definitely not 'cannonball' song. I thought that change worked, but Barry and Levon have suffered. They redubbed the skit to change the music, but something feels lost in the translation.

Also, the video quality leaves sometime to be desired. Whatever masters they pulled this off of seem to have suffered a bit over time. There is video artifacts occasionally and I think they could have made it look better.

I was hoping for more, honestly. Still, the show is fucking funny.
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