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Poll #757648 Blogs

How many blogs/journals do you have?

2 to 3
4 to 6
6 to 10

I just got my vox account so I can be cool like the rest of my friends list! Maybe I should add a syndication of the vox blog on livejournal. Go ahead and add me if you'd like. LiveJournal has it's grip on me because I've got the audience on here. Did you know that I am on over 300 people's friends lists1? When I post a poll, I don't get more than 30 or 40 responses typically, but I just assume that a bunch of you people out there hate polls. Being on that many friends lists and writing the typically shorter posts that I do, I am fairly sure that I get a lot of random readers, even if I don't get that many comments.

1. Friends-Lists? Friends lists? Friendslists? Actually, I like the look of it when it's hyphenated. Never really thought about it before.
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