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The last 3 minutes of the Lost season finale confused me so much. What were they talking about? Did they think they found Desmond, or were they talking about something else. I'm going to have to watch it again, but I doubt I'll understand it better.
Where is Locke and Mr Ecko? Is Desmond dead? What the fuck happened to the sky? What's going to happen to Michael and Walt? This show is a madhouse! Now the waiting game for season 3 to start begins.

I didn't watch the American Idol finale (due to lost), but the dude with grey hair won. Good for him. Too bad I don't care more.

Here is a show I do care about though! Jack Bauer on his way to China, and all because the President sold him out. Will the next season start outside of LA? Will they directly pickup this story line, or make it 18 months later and Jack escaped and just found his way back to America. Maybe the Chinese will trade him for another prisoner. How is this show going to go on for 3 more seasons? I never thought it would last even this long.
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