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A weekend

I went to my sister's house to do some yard work. This is the current way I am making money. Following that, I went to Cayenne for Cinco De Josho. I didn't stick around for the party at the War Room, though. Instead, I left to go to Jarod's house because it was his roommate's girlfriend's birthday. That party was pretty good. Lots of attractive girls there, plus I didn't drink myself into a stupor.

House cleaning day at my parent's house, consisted of me mowing the lawn, vaccuming the house, and washing windows. The scariest windows to wash were the skylight windows. Climbing the ladder and walking on the roof, albeit fun, is nerve-racking. While I was up there, the cat came up to the roof to keep me company. I bet he was curious as to why I was hanging out in his private space that no humans go. After that, I took a shower and got ready for the DJ Assault show at the Baltic room.
I arrived at the Baltic room at 10:25 (per my dodgeball message) quickly greeted everyone before dancing to jizosh's awesome set. I'm too poor to drink at a club, so I stuck to water the whole night. Not having the alcohol to blur my senses, I didn't enjoy DJ Assault's set as much as I would have liked. Still, that was really secondary to seeing friends and meeting some new people. After the show, I used all my willpower to resist buying pizza from the place next door and also Jack in the Box and instead I came home and had a bowl of cereal.

It's another sunny day in the greater Seattle area. Maybe a trip to Greenlake is in order today!
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