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Biological, I don't know why I feel that way with you

Last night on Comedy Central, they played Richard Pryor: I Ain't Dead Yet, #*%$#@!!. It was sad, but it made me smile.

Last night, I tried to watch the movie Gerry. I had seen it once before in the movie theater and I hated it, but I wanted to test to see if I still would hate it in a different frame of mind or if I still thought it was a waste of my time. Well guess what, now I hate that movie even more! I got about half of the way through it and was bored out of my mind and not looking forward to the rest of this movie. So I stopped watching it.

Instead, I went upstairs and read "The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe", which I found on the bookshelf in my parent's room. This book felt more like a children's book than any of the Harry Potter books. C.S. Lewis writes down to the audience a lot. The major battle at the end of the book is described in a single paragraph. Mostly he writes "Horrible things were happening wherever she looked." It's interesting how different this approach is compared to J.K. Rowling's writing is. Rowling puts a lot more faith in the maturity of her readers.
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