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More Movies

I've watched several movies recently and they are definitely worth talking about.

Sleepaway Camp
An early 80's slasher flick which has managed to garner some minor amount of cult status. The vast majority of it is pretty lame with little bits of totally gory violence. It's about this summer camp where people start dying, but it tries to play itself off as more realistic than Friday the 13th. It has the craziest 'surprise' ending I've ever seen, though. If you like the horror slashers and haven't seen it, it's totally worth watching. If you don't care for the slasher movies, ignore this last paragraph.

One of the big gross out horror films of the 2000s. I finally got around to watching it when it was given to me for my birthday. I loved this movie. Granted, there is some plot holes that are not explained and a bit of suspension of disbelief, but I don't think that hurts the movie. Leaving you in the dark about the killer and how everything actually works out is a good way to scare the audience and it works. Watching the movie makes me really excited for the sequel, which comes out on the 28th of October.

Good Night and Good Luck
George Clooney knows how to make a good movie. He is rarely in a bad film, and knows how to make potentially boring content into something interesting. In this movie, he takes a look at the McCarthyism in the 1950s through the eyes of Edward R. Murrow. It's very interesting and enjoyable, even if the movie moves a little slow and doesn't have a obvious flow in the storyline of the movie. It's still an important movie and it is fascinating to watch. I highly recommend this movie.

Batman Begins
Oh wow. Is this the perfect superhero movie or what? Now, granted it might be harder for those who are unfamiliar with the comic to completely appreciate this movie, but there is so much to like here. The perfect and much needed focus on the Batman himself, having two of the best villians Batman ever faced, the awesome look of Gotham City without the darkness of Tim Burton's blurry vision! It's everything I hoped for and wanted in a Batman movie. Why the hell did I miss this movie in the theaters? What the fuck was I thinking?
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