The Greatest Fucking Genius of All Time (patrick) wrote,
The Greatest Fucking Genius of All Time


At Denny's, the watress was telling me about when she was growing up in Mexico and her family of 10 was all afraid of the Chupacabra. She told me some story about how a village elder would guard against these evil creatures and would warn against anyone going out at night for fear of children being the next victim of these evil animals. We talked about how one was supposedly found in Texas and she mentioned how she was so relieved that nothing that evil lived near Issaquah.

She expressed to me how much she loved horror movies and I told her I loved them too and we shared a happy moment in our fear of Freddy Kruger.

One, Two, Freddy's coming for you...
Three, Four, Better lock your door...
Five, Six, Grab a crucifix...
Seven, Eight, Gonna stay up late...
Nine, Ten, Never sleep again...
Tags: horror movies

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