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Lj Interest Quiz

LJ Interests meme results

  1. clouddead:
    dose one, why? and odd nosdam make beautiful music together. their first album redefined what music could be for me.
  2. egypt:
    I have a tattoo on my back of my name in hieroglyphics. When I was in high school, egyptian culture was one of the largest interests for me, but now it's dropped down a little bit. I love the art of that culture, though. It's beautiful.
  3. homestar runner:
    My favorite web comic. Sometimes it seems a little childish, but then sometimes I seem a little childish too.
  4. lain:
    If David Lynch made an anime series, it would be Serial Experiments: Lain.
  5. mp3s:
    I like mp3s, you like mp3s, everyone likes mp3s! I remember when my friends and I first started trading mp3s in high school. There was this mp3 server that everyong cool had access to and it was being hosting on the school's bandwidth. Those were the days.
  6. pop tarts:
    So tasty and so sweet.
  7. shiny things:
    They are distracting.
  8. terry gilliam:
    I liked every movie this man made until the Brother's Grimm. He is a visionary and his ablity to take what is in his mind and transfer it to the screen is amazing. I need to watch Brazil again.
  9. tori amos:
    Tori is an early music obsession for me. My interest in her has waned with her past several releases, but I still rock the tori amos t-shirts sometimes and if I put on little earthquakes I get all sentimental. I keep hoping that she will release an album that I like again.
  10. your girlfriend:
    Your girlfriend is so hot.

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Sep. 19th, 2005 07:42 pm (UTC)
Re: mp3s
x0r! Over at issaquah, some of the guys wanted to make a similar one, but it never happened or I was never given access to it. But x0r was sweet.


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