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How awesome is goldfischegirl? Well, she wrote the greatest personal ad for me in an attempt to get me a special lady friend.

Sincere, kind-hearted film and music aficionado with a passion for spontaneity and debauchery seeking feminine counter-part to dishevel this city circuit by circuit, in good company. I am probably one of the most genuine people you will ever meet, I enjoy the company of media-ravenous conversationalists and am content making sure the people I care about are happy and comfortable. I am always up for those spur-of-the-moment adventures including pho, live music (Bloc Party, The Books, Sufjan Stevens, Thievery Corporation, Modest Mouse, Drive-By Truckers) and obscure cinema. I thrive in friendly and diverse environments and have a knack for making friends everywhere I go. I am a great person to call up on short notice with an extra ticket or just a few hours of free time - I am even available for delivery! On four wheels, road trips to who-knows-where are a definite favorite.

Always courteous, polite and laid-back - I love women with cute quirks and interests, the more random and underground the better. There is nothing better than a unique sense of humor and self, and I take very well to surprises, jokes and blunders. I suppose I'm just looking for someone to go do things with and get to know who has a similar passion for film festivals, cheeseburgers, KEXP, sarcasm and night life.

Feel free to e-mail me just to say hi or with miscellaneous ramblings of any and all kinds. I am excited to hear from you!

We tried putting it up on craigslist, but honestly, posting a personal ad to craigslist is pretty much a waste of time when you are a guy. My livejournal is really the only other place I can think of in which to share it, because it's pretty awesome.

Is there still thunder and lighting in Seattle? Because I want to walk around greenlake tonight and doing it in the rain would be more fun.
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