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Other things that need to be posted on the internet

doyouhaveaflag drove me to this post. You can blame her.
It's been spreading like a virus on my livejournal friends list but somehow I managed to avoid being asked about it. Hooray for not being that popular! I don't really have favorite songs so much. I tend to get sucked up by artists and albums more. Here is the stuff I've been listening to.

  • The Shins (I love them!)
  • The Flaming Lips (Can't seem to get enough of it)
  • Nine Inch Nails (New album is so good)
  • Coldplay (I don't like the new album as much as I hoped I would)
  • Dogs Die in Hot Cars (This band is fun)
  • Doves (Some Cities is one of my favorite albums right now)

    And while I'm at it...
    Normally, I'm more submissive, but I'll make a special expection this one time.
    If there is someone on your friends list you would like to take, strip naked, tie them to a bed post, lick them until they scream, then fuck them until both of you are senseless and unable to fuck anymore, then wait about five minutes and do it all over again, then post this exact sentence in YOUR journal.
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