The Greatest Fucking Genius of All Time (patrick) wrote,
The Greatest Fucking Genius of All Time

Ups and Downs

Sasquatch was great. The weather was hot and sunny. The only place I got
sunburned is on the top of my head, since I forgot to bring a hat. The
sunscreen did it's job for the rest of my body, though. The women were
beautiful and wearing a lot of skin. Bikinis and short skirts make me moan
with desire. The music was vibrant and the musicians were excited to be
there. I was especially impressed with Blue Scholars and the Arcade Fire.
Other highlights would be Bobby Bare Jr, Modest Mouse, USE and the Pixies.
Finally, making out with a mysterious girl behind one of the concession
booths topped my day to perfect, even though I don't know her name or where
she is from.

In contrast, today I woke up a little late for work and the day has been
spent listening to either coworkers or customers complaining constantly. It
wears on my soul. I don't like to talk about my job much at all, and that
makes me think that I need to find something new to do.
Tags: concerts, sasquatch, work
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