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Abu Ghraib for fun and sport

'The Christian in me knows it was wrong, but the corrections officer in me couldn't resist making a man [urinate on] himself.'

The defense for the Abu Ghraib: Wait a minute, you mean the fact that we excessively abuse prisoners on tv all the time does NOT make it ok for us to abuse prisoners like that in real life? WTF, I thought that because 24's Jack Bauer can torture people on tv by shooting a guy in the leg to make him talk that we could go that far in real life. Doesn't Hollywood really just mirror society?

Poll #416429 Prisoner Abuse

Does Abu Ghraib really bother you?

Yes, these are human beings we are talking about here!
You know, now that you mention it, they aren't killing anybody.
It's never bothered me. It's just like the movies. Who really cares about the prisoners anyways?

Who really cares about the prisoners anyways?

I do, humans are humans. What about their human rights?
Prisoners lose their rights the moment they get caught, err, I mean are sentenced.
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