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Things I have learned about myself recently

I smile too much, apparently. Many people have complained to me about that in the past month or two. "Why are you smiling? What are you so happy about?"

My self confidence is all confused. I am swinging back and forth from completely sure of who I am and what I want to a confused mess who doesn't know anything about getting what he wants. Wild mood swings have been defining my life. It's not fun.

My insomnia doesn't look like it's going away. I think this is somewhat related to my self esteem, though. Self confidence helps me sleep, apparently.

I miss human contact a lot. I have forgotten how good kissing can be, and the things beyond kissing too. I have been really horny lately and I need to get laid. This is also related to the whole self confidence thing.

I like cutting my own hair. It's easy, quick and cheap.

Bettering myself has never been so difficult.

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