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I think that my raspberry amber beer is just about ready. There is about 50 bottles and I have a feeling that this batch will go quickly. I'm thinking that I may want to make a "revision" of this receipe, because the beer was really quite good. Another batch would great.

I took a long nap today. That has thrown my sleep a little off. At around midnight, I walked to the ave with a roommate and we went to that new gyros place on university and 45th. I was quite impressed. I'm most definitely stopping by there again.

Goddamn, my computer is falling apart. The video card is fucked and dying, the sound card cut out on me the other day, my keyboard broke, my optical mouse broke, the dvd player doesn't work. I think I need a new machine. Honestly, I've been slacking as a computer nerd the past year or so. I've been letting my gamer side come out more, and then with this whole beer making thing, I've relapsed into my beer snob ways. I would like regain that computer nerdness that I once had, though. I just need to invest money in computers again, instead of video games or beer making stuff. It's all a matter of focus.
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