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Internet Dating

I've been thinking about dating alot recently. Comparing it with my history and experience verse some of the examples I see in the media, as well as with friends. To be honest, it's not terribly impressive, and I seem to be regreting that right now. I've always been very shy in most social situations when I am crushing on someone, or even if I'm around a really pretty girl. It doesn't help that I'm a fairly passive and quiet person anyways, for the most part. So when I do manage to pull up the nerve to ask a girl out or maybe I catch the eye of that random girl and she asks me out, I try to at least make those first impressions good.

Now, one of those fads that seems to be catching my eye right now is internet dating. A friend of mine, in an attempt to shut up my whining about not having anyone to date, got me to make an account on the website My first thought was "Why the hell do I need to use a 'dating site' to meet people?" I mean, there are those free sites where people are basically using it as a dating site only using different words. friendster, tribe, orkut, these are all great sites which I have a membership to, plus there is livejournal itself, which tons of people have used to hook up with people, myself included. So why would I need to use After several months of playing around on it, I'm not so sure. I haven't had anymore luck with that site. Of course, I never actually spent money on it, but in theory you can meet someone on there without paying, right?

While searching through, one cute girl mentions that she never actually checks for responses. Instead, she perfers the website love3k. I like following links and I had not heard of this website before so I checked it out. They offer something like a 3 day trial and then they ask for money. And it's not very cheap, either. This site cost $16 a month to be able to use at all after the 3 day trial. I see that and scoff, saying "how can a dating website prove itself in three days?" I'm still saying that and it's part of the reason I'm writing this.

Anyways, I join the site and within about 5 hours of joining, I get a message from a random girl. I'm surprised by the fact that I get a message so quickly, although the email that I actually received had a single line and was grammerically incorrect. Willing to forgive such nonsense, since I obviously am not a genius at spelling nor grammer myself, I write back and we have a short message conversation, which sparks my interest a bit but was not long enough to really pull any info out of. The account expired and the conversation was cut off before anything could really have been made with that. Now they demand money for this sort of thing to go on. Plus, right after the account expired, I got another message from different girl, but since the account expired, I can't read it. That hooks me even more.

They say a fool and his money are soon parted and an easy way to find fools is through love, or at least teasing with love. I am curious to see if this dating site could prove fun, but spending money on this seems silly too. I'm looking for some advice here one what to do. So now we get a poll! Don't worry, you don't need to write anything to respond to this "essay". It's multiple choice!
Poll #245465 Internet dating

Have you ever dated someone you met on the internet?

My boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/etc and I met on the internet!
I've dated a person or two from the internet.
Well, I've never really thought about it or tried, really.
Ah no thanks, only freaks and weirdos (present company excluded) are on the internet.
I'm asexual and don't like sex.

Have you ever dated someone from a free website like livejournal, friendster, etc.

Oh yea, I've gone on several friendster dates and I've dated like half my friends list!
Maybe once or twice, but I much prefer meeting people in the real world. Places like bars, or work!
What? Date someone on livejournal? Are you insane? Have you even read any of these livejournals? All these people are crazy!

Have you ever used a pay dating site like or

I have used these many times and I am broke from having so many dates.
I've payed for a month or two, but quit fairly quickly because it wasn't working.
I've signed in for the free trials, but I'm too cheap to spend money for a matchmaker to set me up on blind dates.
I've never even visited a site like that before.

Due to the response I got from, should I spend money and give it a try?

Why the hell not? $16 is nothing, thats dinner at a decent restaurant or a night of drinking at a bar. You won't miss it.
HELL NO! Wasting your money on that crap? Shit, give me that $16 and I'll set you up on plenty blind dates.
You don't have $16 dollars anyways, what with Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles coming out any day now.

I really wanted to make sure that people who answered the poll read the entry before it. It would make me happy if you did go read the entry and answer the poll, though. The more opinions and advise, the better. Pretend it's a game or something. ;)
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