The Greatest Fucking Genius of All Time (patrick) wrote,
The Greatest Fucking Genius of All Time

ok. i got off work about 6:15. i knew i had to meet up with mark at 7 for the movie. so i drove down until i got to 520. now, i know 520 has bad traffic, but i figured that well hey, i've got 40 minutes to spare and so this would be the best route. it would take an extra 10 minutes or so to go down to 90, but i thought i'd be ok. so i get on 520, and bang, the traffic is dead stopped. i'm like fuck. i was thinking maybe i should turn around but by the time i did that, i would be late. of course i knew that as soon as i hit the traffic, i was going to be pushing it no matter what. but i thought i would take my chance and see if i could get to seattle in 40 minutes on 520. i was wrong. it took that whole 40 minutes to make it to the bridge! traffic sucked all the way past the bridge until the first exit to the u-district. it takes 10 more minutes to get across the bridge and onto broadway. 5 minutes to go to eygptain. but the time i got there, mark was inside. i missed them fuck fuck fuck. i hope he didn't by my ticket (i asked him too so that i could go). the gods just didn't want me to see the movie tonight. aRRr! i'm so pissed. so i came back to my house. what i really need now is just too relax. i don't want to drive anywhere, but i can if someone isn't doing anything and wants to hang out. my plans for the night got screwed so i now have none. fuck fuck fuck....

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