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First Real Kiss: alicat, heh, i can use a lj username for that.
First Job: I was a paperboy in my early teen years
First Screen Name: peghead - yea, don't ask
First Self Purchased Album: Duran Duran - The wedding album
First Funeral: I remember the one for this older woman that my mom was really good friends with. I can not remember her name for the life of me. :(
First Piercing: I have never got one, nor do I really want one
First True Love: Again, it was allison
First Big Trip: I think it was Disneyland when I was like 6. I can't remember anything before that.

Last Kiss: I kissed ashley on the cheek tonight. :P Nah, but the last one that meant something, it's been several months. Man, that's bumming me out.
Last Good Cry: I don't remember. I needed one on saturday, though.
Last Movie Seen: Elf. It was really goddamn funny, too.
Last Beverage Drank: I'm drinking wine right now. I drank a couple 'Patricks' at Dante's tonight, too.
Last Food Consumed: Some left over spagetti that abby gave me. I guess you could count the nachos at the bar, too.
Last Phone Call: Brendan just called me a little while ago. I also talked to Julie, who stole brendan's phone for a little bit.
Last TV Show Watched: The simpsons last night.
Last Shoes Worn: I'm sporting my New Balance sneakers today
Last CD Played: Listened to Rocky Horror Picture Show on the way to work today.
Last Disappointment: My car blowing up
Last Ice Cream Eaten: Oh, I have this box of ice cream in the freezer. It's Mud Pie, I think.
Last Shirt Worn: I'm wearing a plain tan shirt today.


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