The Greatest Fucking Genius of All Time (patrick) wrote,
The Greatest Fucking Genius of All Time

See! I write about things if I can just get over the 'getting started' bit.

I just keep on feeling uninteresting here on livejournal. I'm trying to figure out why exactly, but I can't seem to place my finger on it. There are plenty of things that I could write about. There have been several nights that have proven to be great stories, and yet I just haven't written about them at all. I'm not sure what sort of drive I'm lacking for this, though. Maybe it's just a lack of desire to write at all. If that's true, it better go away in the next month because I'm going to try to do NaNoWriMo again this year. Last year, I stopped at about 10,000 words. My first major goal will be to beat that. I'm going to try to maintain a better writing schedule this time around. Last year, I slacked too much and just wrote when I felt like it. That's not how one completes a novel in a month, let me tell you. This year, I'm going to try and do the daily writing requirement. It's going to be part of my daily routine. It's not like I'm in school or anything. It will be like homework or something.

Anyways, I need to go to bed. At work, I'm going to start going on the phones. My 'real' job is getting started slowly but surely here.

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