The Greatest Fucking Genius of All Time (patrick) wrote,
The Greatest Fucking Genius of All Time

karaoke in the quah

tonight I was at Sam Malone's in Issaquah for karaoke with my former lover's package coworkers. I brought my self burned karaoke cd with me and did a couple songs. James - Laid, Coldplay - Clocks, and Beck - Debra. Singing Debra got me a really good response, to the point that some people invited me to come out and hang with them sometime for some sort of nerd night that they have. Playing magic and watching movies, it seems. New friends are welcome, though, so we shall see what happens. Not feeling sober enough to get back to seattle, i'm crashing at my parent's house while they are away for the weekend. The cat seems to like me being here, though. I tried to convince some people to come back here with me for crazy hot tub action, but since it was raining when we left the bar, everyone bailed. :(
I don't think the rain will stop me from visiting the hot tub, though. it sounds too tempting.
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