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Oops, forgot to actually post this last night.

Oops, I forgot to post this when I wrote it last night.

I burned my karaoke cd I made and took it to fear-a-roke tonight in hopes that it would would work wonderfully and I would be able to sing any song I ever wanted. I got up there and sang 'laid' by james and it worked perfectly. I was so excited because the next song I had on the playlist was 'debra' by beck. I get up there and start to sing and I'm nailing it like nobodies business. But then, disaster strikes. Something was wrong with the disc and it skips and the song stops. I end up having to sit down, regretted. I didn't even get to go up and sing anything else that night. it made me very sad and annoyed. But I won't let this get me down. In two weeks, I will be going up there again, with a new burned disc and I will sing debra and it will be beautiful. Failure is not an opinion here. At least I know that the program works now.

I need to get to bed now. I have an interview at the place that snowgddess works at, thanks specifically to her. I'll cross my fingers that it works out. Being poor and unemployed sucks.

For some reason, tonight my bedroom is filled with bugs. How did the get in here? The window has a screen on it and the door has been closed. This annoys me. Sometimes I really hate this house.
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