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Bjork Concert, night in review

While at the 5 @ 5 yesterday, Nick called me and asked if the bjork ticket was gone yet. I told him it wasn't and he quickly claimed it. This is good, because Nick is rad and the rest of the night was a lot of fun with us running around and getting into trouble.

First, it was the Bjork concert. Now, there seems to be a bunch of people that are being fairly critical of the show, but I feel that it is misplaced. The bjork show was worth every penny I spent. Granted, the venue was kinda lame. Conceptually, the concerts at the pier should be really cool. And as a location for a concert, it is. But because Seattle has so much annoying and fucked up rules about concerts, there are just some issues with the venue itself. They don't turn up the volume enough. The speakers do leave a bit to be desired. The shows have to end at around 10 regardless of what the act wants to do. The seattle fire marshell is a dick and never let fireworks or anything at the show either. So what this means is that Bjork didn't get the very best concert that she could have or wanted. Regardless of all that, Bjork herself put on an amazing show that included not only a bunch of hits that I expected, but also songs I didn't expect like Scatterheart (which is one of my favorite songs by her). She is an amazing artist and her stage presense held me for the entire almost 70 minute show. I loved it.

When me and Nick got to the show at about 7:45, the opening act was on stage and we wrote him off very quickly because he was boring, basically. So we headed over to the beer garden and waited for her to come on. When she finally did, we walked over and loved the show in all of it's wonder. After the show, we decided that since it was so early still, so we headed over to the contour and then got ourselves drunk. The night wasn't too busy, but I had fun anyways. Drinking, dancing, and general craziness all around.

After the contour, steve and laural had a kinda afterparty at their place where steve, laural, nick, sarah and I all stayed up too late. I passed out on the couch and woke up at around noon where nick and I left. When I got back to my place, i was just too tired to do anything else except sleep for several more hours.

Here is the deal now. I'm up and I'm getting some shit ready for my roadtrip tomorrow. I don't want to fuck myself over too much, so I'm going to try and force myself to be at a reasonable time tonight so I can get up and leave at sometime in the morning. That would be best, since I have a 12 hour drive ahead of me. I always procrastinate when it comes to packing and trips like this.

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