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I've been kissing the bottle wishing it was you

Friends are a lovely thing. When you are with them, they help clear those thoughts that would be bringing you down, Even though it only feels like a distraction more then anything else, that short while that you don't care about the problems is some of the best time you could have. That's how I feel tonight was. I'm grateful for it. Speaking of tonight, the karaoke fun can be heard over at patr0ck. It's alright.

I should go to bed so I can wake up tomorrow and focus on something productive. Like job hunting or something. The only way I can get out of the slump I'm in is by pushing myself out. I'll just focus on the upcoming good. A going away party for mark. The Bjork concert on friday. My roadtrip to Idaho that starts on sunday. Maybe I'll leave on saturday, since work isn't an issue now. I guess it depends on if anyone that expressed interest on going out with me actually will go with me or not.

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