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Dante's was good times tonight. Even better news is that tonight, I scored my Tom Leykis Bite This tickets. FUCK YES! I'm totally excited for this friday when I will be at the Fenix Underground for the show. At the bar, zoothelung agreed to go with me, since I got two tickets to the event on friday. OMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!!11

Since I'm kinda drunk, after dante's I went and bought pizza, which is the magic save all for drunkiness.
I also did this fun survey that I saw from tanukisuit.

1. Are you straight, gay, or bisexual?
mostly straight with some curious bisexuality. as in, i've kissed guys before.
2. Have you ever.. KILLED anyone before?
no, but a friend once told me about how they shot someone once. doesn't really count, though.
3. What kind of undies do you wear?
boxers mostly. i have some tighty whities laying around that i wear if the laundry situation gets bad.
4. Are you against women having rights to their own body?
of course not
5. If you said no to the above question, are you pro-life?
not that it's any of my business what girls do with their bodies, but hell no.
6. If you said yes to the above question, do you realize that you are contradicting yourself?
i didn't say no, so it doesn't count.
7. Are you a virgin?
nope. i like the sex.
8. How far have you gone with the another person?
um, i said that i like the sex, but i have had anal sex before. is that going further?
9. What is your favorite sexual/makeout position?
make out position? um, any position that's comfortable. for sex, doggie style is fun. i'm not too picky, though.
10. What is your favorite WB network show?
Wasn't buffy on the WB? that show is good. Never watched any others. I like shows on fox or on HBO or Showtime.
11. Do you experience sexual tension?
12. Have you ever watched AND enjoyed My Little Ponies?
Reaching back to my childhood, i would have to say yes. I actually owned a My Little Pony or two.
13. How many more-than-friendly relations have you had with other people? (this includes just kissing)
5 or 6, but if I was just counting kissing someone, I've lost track.
14. Are you shallow?
I am shallow, but is that so wrong. I'm an inspiring asshole, after all.
15. Have you ever committed homicide?
I hope not.
16. Have you ever had PHONE SEX?
Yes, I have. But not in a long time.
17. Have you ever taken any pictures of yourself in the nude and sent them to someone online? or posted them?
Taken pictures, yes. Sent them to anyone or posted them, I don't think so, but it's possible since I had a webcam running for a while and I wasn't paying attention to if it was on or not. If you have naked pictures of me, I'd like to know.
18. Have you ever sent OTHER peoples scandalous pictures to other people or posted them online?!
I have, but I have been called on it and retracted the pictures. I don't mean to.
19. Were the pictures artsy or SEXAY?
Totally sexy in that funny way.
20. Do you ever watch anything on the Disney or Nickelodeon channel?
I totally grew up on Nickelodeon. Pete and Pete, Clarissa explains it all, Hey Dude, etc. Disney I watched, but I didn't really care for it at all.
21. Have you ever committed murder?
I don't think so. If i did, i'm not aware of it, nor did I mean to.
22. Do you DARE to not use drugs?
In the past couple years, it's been more like DARE to use drugs. Before I turned 18, I was a innocent youth, though.

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