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I'm going to be sued by the RIAA because tonight I really needed to listen to Heart and Soul by T'Pau and downloading it is so much easier then calling up a radio station or digging through my CDs in hopes that I have that song somewhere in my collection of 400+ cds. This is how I've been using the file sharing programs recently. They've been meeting my strange lust for 80s pop anthems and love songs.

Watched the movie Narctonight with Shawn and a friend of his. It was quite an impressive cop drama. The way the story is layed out for you really grabbed me and pulled me in. The camera work was really edgy and raw and they weren't shy about showing off the blood and gore, too. I'm really liking this deal with Shawn. He wants to see a movie, but I have the scarecrow account. So we go over there together, decide on a movie, he rents it and I get to see cool, gritty movies.

  • Repetitive Weather Post

    Don't we live in Seattle so we don't have to deal with 90 degree weather? I'm not sure if I feel worse about leaving a fan on all the time in my room…

  • Moved

    I'm no longer in Issaquah! I moved back out to Seattle! Hooray!

  • Obama in Seattle

    This will be my first time I get to see him in person!

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