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So, I have discovered that if I wanted to pay the money (which I just might really want to) I could get patr0ck as a personalized license plate</a>. Maybe it's because I'm drunk right now, but this seems like a really awesome idea. Hey brad, is it worth it to get a personalized license plate?

I've kinda left all you people out of the loop for the past day or two. Yesterday, I went to two movies at SIFF. Nudity Required, which was totally awesome and I highly recommend you check it out on the second showing on June 10th at the film festival if you can, and The Archangel's Feather, which you are better off not seeing at all. Hopefully I will be seeing more movies during the festival, but I don't think I will get anything else in for another week, at least. I'm just too busy.

Today, I worked about 11 hours. I think that fucked with my head a bit, but I'll get over it. At least dante's followed it and I was able to get drunk enough where that shit didn't matter. I thought that dante's was a bit unique tonight, but that's not a bad thing. I don't really know how to describe it. A lot of drunkiness really quickly, basically.

Tomorrow, there isn't really any plans except that I'm working tomorrow night. Since 24 isn't on the air anymore until next season, I don't have any reason to get tuesday nights off now so I will most likely be working them more often.

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